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sustainable innovation to restore the natural and socioeconomic community capital

We have compromised the bio capacity of the planet, putting in risk the quality of life of our generation and  future generations. We do not have the solution to respond to the increasing social and economic crisis and scarcity of natural resources, specially at the vulnerable communities. More than ever we demand sustainable innovation and the active and responsible involvement of all citizens, corporations, academy and public organizations to restore the natural, social and economic community capital.

Who we are. LeanRadarOrg is a non profit international organization. Since 1997 we have developed and deployed business leadership strategies, talent development, innovation and Sustainability function deployment.

Our Vision. (RENASE). Sustainable Restoration of the Natural and Socioeconomic community capital without left any one behind.

Our Mission. Develop the capacity of Communities, Companies and Public organizations to satisfy the sustainability’s needs and meet Global Sustainable Development Goals. 

The first choice for excellence. We offer programs and strategic services  to transfer knowledge and technology to drive sustainable innovation.

learning producing

Ensure community knowledge, leadership  and skills to drive sustainable innovation

sustainability total monitoring

Evaluate performance of the community capital and ensure appropriation of technology and sustainable social innovation. 

innovation technology

Inspire communities’ creativity to innovate technology and implement sustainable community capital.

strategic leadership

Provide the vision and direction to drive sustainable development of the community capital.

Our services solutions

bienestar conectado

Access to preventive health care for those who need it most. We partner with providers, communities, corporations and health authorities to offer a Wellness Social Network web application, Mobile Healthcare units,  Wellness community centers.

smart gifted Education 

All bright girls and boys have the right to equitable and quality talent and skills development programs. They must be indentified to develop their emotional  and intellectual potential to achieve the best of them to become the talented  generation to solve the challenges of the globalization.

RENASE sustainability

Build strategic community, companies and organizations' capabilities to restore the natural, social and economic community capital without left any one behind. (Education, Projects development and strategic leadership to drive a culture of Responsible consumption, Smart production and Sustainable compensation.

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